Monday, July 2, 2012

Grow Up. Celebrate Ice Cream Month with beer floats

July is national ice cream month. Like I needed an excuse to stuff my face! (I love this country) Ice cream makes me thirsty though, so I'm opting for floats. Lets go for a more adult version with rich, molasses, espresso, and carmel beer. Barlerwines, rich stouts, and imperial anything have enough flavor to support the taste numbing effects of fatty and cold ice cream. Relive your childhood favorite this summer and make beer floats.

Dark beers pair well with coffee, berry, and vanilla flavored ice cream. If you're sensitive about texture (bubble tea creeps me out) avoid fruit chunks.
molasses porter and black cherry ice cream floats

Barley wine and fruit flavored or vanilla ice cream evokes flambe desserts with the heat from alcohol and sweetness contrasting.

Imperial IPA's with ginger ice cream or with carrot cake.
Imperial reds with carmel ice cream

Try sorbets for a fresher option.  

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