Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beer Snobs Suck

the fun out a room faster than a pack of IRS agents. I call myself a beer evangelist. Partly because I hope to bring the light craft beer enjoyment to as many people as possible and partly because craft beer is my higher calling.

Beer evangelism.
I'm at my best when I'm teaching and sharing my passion for craft beer. It's about pushing the craft beer agenda, but in a non pushy way. It's about spreading knowledge and creating joy in beer appreciation. I hate to see savvy beer drinkers use that knowledge to put less experienced beer lovers down. It's a sad waste of talent. Every domestic lager exclusivist is a potential craft beer drinker in my eyes.

On Domestic Lager and its fans.
I still drink Olympia, Rainier and PBR, and love those beers for what they are. I feel like people who claim to be better than domestic lagers are just missing the whole point. Of course it's not made from great ingredients and it doesn't delight the palette! It has it's place and time like all beers. Do I want a heavy, high ABV, hop bomb, IPA after running 3 miles in the summer heat? NO. (ok maybe a little) Truthfully sometimes I need a beer that's light and  refreshing.  Am I going to pair Oly with fine cheese? Hell no. am I going to pair it with a hot dog at a Mariners game? Fuck yeah I am.
I love malt liquor. It's so good.

Better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.
So check your ego at the door when you enter a holy house of beer. This isn't about how  many hop varieties you can detect by smell. Every time you put down domestic beer to make yourself look good you're doing craft beer a disservice. We're all in this together. The big compaines have legistlative sway that craft brewers don't.  And, you look like an ass. Seriously,  stop it.

Industry Truth.
Almost every brewer I know drinks domestic lagers out a of can fairly often. These people make, taste and talk craft. They live it. But they still want a cheap, easy drinking, lager, like most beer drinkers. Maybe it's because a cheap, craft lager isn't widely available.  (full sail's session is an exception)

A call to arms.
Beer is the drink of the people, I say bring them in and teach them something about craft beer, foster their curiosity and answer their questions and we may have ourselves a new craft lover. I challenge eveyone in the industry to try to find ways to engage domestic beer drinkers. There is a craft beer out there for everyone.

Craft Beer Ambassador Cheat sheet

Potential craft convert: I like hefewiezen/blondes/ wheat.
Beer Ambassador:  awesome. me too. which brands?
PCC: Pyramid/shock top/red hook.
BA: Cool. that recipe is based off this traditional german style,  except the original is a bit lighter, try some.
give them a taster and check their reaction.

PCC: I want something light ( with a " don't judge me look on face")
BA: yeah it hot in here! proceed with any number of dunkles, pilsners, or vienna lager styles.

PCC: That's so dark and heavy!
BA: dark colored beer can be low in alcohol and light in body. guiness is only 4% ABV and full of antioxidants
hand them a dry irish stout or dunkle
BA: Do you like coffee or chocolate?
If yes proceed with taster fitting the note they enjoy.

So get out there and start doing something positive for the industry that produces craft beer you love so much!

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