Monday, October 15, 2012

Drinkless in Seattle? Don't fret.

I got you. First off; Friday and Saturday Nights are for amateurs. Pros skip the crowds, opting to day-drink or go out on school nights. My favorite places to grab a pint, scarf some BBQ and talk shop in Seattle.

Rick and Ray are two of the funnest, friendliest, guys you could hope to meet. Thank goodness they opened up a brewery and started hosting public hours. Ray's beer is delicately flavored, nuanced and well rounded. I dig their apricot wit and their IPA is fantastic. No food, so bring your own. Tucked away in a light industry part of Woodinville, the bar is surprisingly warm and welcoming. You can meet wine and beer industry people in a laid back setting.

I love this place. Proper glassware, insane selection and a patio (hooligan class seating) It's as if your beer nerd buddies opened a bar and bottle shop. They have 20 taps and a ton of wine, cider, and mead. Stuck in a strip mall you can enjoy a good sunset and the delights of a gyro shop next door. It gets pretty crazy early on weekends. Later, the crowd thins and all the best beer nerds are left to discuss minutia amongst themselves. This place gets extra points for the rad elf painting in the bathroom and function forward plastic tables outside.

A good rotating tap list of beers I've always wanted to try. Not one off note in beer selection and nothing I've seen too often. Bottles are available as well. Strong offering of ciders as well. This place has the ambiance, staff and expertise to make it a beer lover's standard choice. Smaller and more intimate than Brouwer's Cafe and easily just as good.

Noble Fir's kitchen was closed so I dropped by this little gem. Cool place, great BBQ, more whiskey than you can shake a stick at. It's the dry kind of meat and they give you the sauce choices. I did a curry type that tasted great. James, “the BBQ king” insists that the sauce must be optional, so I trust this place to stand up to his discriminating taste. Also serving solid selection of NW ales.

Good LORD! The epic beer cavern of greatness. I could get lost in this beer list. It's like great museum, you could spend weeks in there and never see it all. The place is massive as well. Sitting at the bar is like being a the bottom a spelunking mission. Great beers. A beer list so deep you'll develop a liver problem before you try them all. This one could take me years to plow through. Friendly, helpful staff to guide you and frites! I love frites! I may live here for a while.

Small and well armed an with excellent selection of beers and ciders. Nothing I didn't want to try in their cases. This is a great place to waste an afternoon and catch up on your NW beer news reading. Complimentary Beer advocate magazines and a fire pit make this place cozy and just right for chilling. Also they do kegs to go. 

So my dear friend Kelsey thought it would be HILARIOUS to slip me a habenero tequila shot. Many tears, and much bitching later, their delightful barkeep ran out and got me some milk. Awww. This place has great staff and it's really fun.  

Happy drinking and remember to tip your bartender!

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