Friday, January 30, 2015

A personal perspective on a big change

Elysian as a company will undoubtedly grow at a staggering pace over the next few years.  A company is still just a group of people, brought together by mutual needs and goals. We have dedicated our lives to creating, serving, and selling great beer. With dedication comes sacrifice, I count many among us who forwent better pay, benefits, and a slew of cushy perqs to work in craft brewing.

At some meager amount of time at Elysian, I was summoned by Dick Cantwell.  Those who knew him well assured me, “He’s just a man who cares about his beer.”

I nervously presented my work and ended by expressing; “My time at Elysian has been the most challenging and rewarding period of my career. I am continually impressed and motivated by my coworkers. Elysian demands patience, hard work, and a passion for working together to make our beer its best. Respect is earned here and well worth the effort. I have full support at every step. My accomplishments reflect the excellence of our company.”

I still feel that way today.

For employees, few of us have the means or disposition to turn our noses up at an opportunity of this magnitude.  We will have access to training and resources few of us would dare to dream of.  Speaking of means, we all look forward to the many positives that come with a big company.

Joe, Dick and Dave worked tirelessly to find a way for us to continue to thrive in an ever more competitive world. I am thankful for all they have done for me.